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Stay in control with simple, healthy choices when ordering takeaways & food delivery in London.
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How many times have you been unsure what to choose when ordering food online? When trying to lose weight, it can be difficult to find tasty food that keeps you on track with your goals.

We analyse food from restaurants to give you nutritional insights, helping you build healthy & sustainable habits.
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Our Mission

To foster healthy behaviours when ordering takeaways & food deliveries. No more derailing from your diet. We believe in informed food choices and nutritional awareness.

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Whatever your needs are, we'll find something that tastes amazing.

Simple Choices

We only show you the numbers that matter, making your life easier.

Reliable Information

Our nutritional information comes directly from restaurants.

How it works

Tell us your goals

We’ll cater to your nutritional needs

We find tasty options

Analysing restaurants available near you

Choose with ease

No guesstimation, be confident in what you eat

Start building healthy habits with dishes from your favourite restaurants in London.

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Creating personalised nutritional insights

We know that nutrition is more than macronutrients and calories. Whether you have diabetes and watch your sugar levels, or are on a weight-loss diet for lifestyle purposes, we want to give the most personalised nutritional recommendations to achieve your goals.